Hailey Van Dyk – Athlete Media Kit Video

 49°44’58” N / 123°08’09”

I recently had the opportunity to work with professional trail runner and ER nurse, Hailey Van Dyk. Among her achievements in stage racing, Hailey has placed 4th at the Coastal Challenge in Costa Rica; 230 kilometers over six days, and raced 575 kilometers over 7 days in South Africa. Her next big challenge is the 7-day Transalpine from Germany to Italy with her husband.

In addition to her nursing career and racing around the world, Hailey has also founded Run Like a Girl; a movement designed to share her passion for fitness and living life to the fullest with others while giving back to her community. Since its inception in 2013 they have hosted 3 virtual/local runs, raised over $20,000 for various charities, held an adventure retreat in Costa Rica, started a local running community of over 250 runners, and donated t-shirts to an orphanage in the Dominican Republic.

“Running has provided me with such a beautiful life, a passion to live bigger, and a greater love to myself, mother nature and the amazing friends I have met through this crazy sport.” - Hailey

When Hailey and I got together to collaborate on her Athlete Media Kit, we wanted to showcase her love of nature, framed by her home setting of Squamish, British Columbia. Her Athlete Media Kit will provide her sponsors with access to photos of Hailey in her element, a series of professional headshots, and a short video showcasing their brand. The kit creates a cohesive package of deliverables that can be tailored to meet individual needs.