Making a Life and Living from Photography with duChemin

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When I look back on where I am now as a photographer and how I got here, I can pick a few specific people that have been influences in my direction of work and my perseverance to keep pushing into the unknown. David duChemin is one of them. 

As a 18 year old kid who loved making photographs and was starting to question if photography might be a career direction, I stumbled upon a book David had written, “Within the Frame". It was one of the first photography books that really resonated with me and reading about his approach to living a life behind the lens had me dreaming. Of course I was young and broke and didn’t have the extra $30 to buy the book, so I came back to the book store with a note pad and pen and kept coming back until I had read the whole book and taken notes I could leave with and learn from. 

The following year, I took off traveling down to Central America and what was suppose to be a two month surf trip with a friend turned into a solo seven month and seven country backpacking trip from Guatemala to Colombia. David’s book, “Within the Frame” was one of the only books I took with me and kept throughout my trip, despite how large and heavy it physically was in my backpack. 

Today I now have the privilege of knowing David in person and while heading over to Victoria to pay him a visit, I decided to film a short interview asking him some of the bigger questions I have asked myself along my journey behind making and living a life behind the lens. 

Marshal Chupa and David duchemin
Marshal Chupa and David duchemin